Experience summing up all you’ve experienced.

We all know how much life has changed in the last couple of years, let alone since our own childhoods. So how do you plan on making sure that all of your memories continue to be preserved when so much is happening, and as you get older?

Selfiebook is proving to be a popular way for people to turn their life stories into their memoires. Some choose Selfiebook as a personal autobiography tool: keeping track of their memories, experiences, feelings and more so they can look back and enjoy them at a later date. For some, it’s more about leaving a legacy, creating a record of life that can be shared with their friends and family to preserve their memories.

Why Selfiebook?

The beauty of Selfiebook is that it’s YOUR story – and yours alone. You choose exactly what you want to include, whether it’s anecdotes, answers to questions, your favourite photos or your greatest achievements in life. With Selfiebook, you can remember your life – or it can be remembered by others – in exactly the way you want.

It’s an incredibly simple tool to use, too: simply download the free app (available for both iOS and Android), and begin to capture your life story, word by word. You’ll find a selection of different chapters to complete as and when you’re ready, with every section you fill out adding more and more detail to the record of your life story.

Preserve your memories in an ebook

Once you’ve finished creating your own Selfiebook, the app allows you to turn it into a beautiful ebook, completely free of charge. With absolutely no word count limit and the ability to add a photo to every single section if you wish, it’s a completely customisable way of summing up your own life experiences. What’s more, once you’ve created your ebook, you can easily share it with your loved ones if you wish, giving them something to continue to remember you by in the years to come.

Ready to start writing your own life story? Visit https://selfiebook.co/.

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