Give the gift of life. Your life.

Have you ever wanted to leave a legacy for the people you love? Have you ever desired to tell your life story to your children or grandchildren but never been able to truly find the right words? With the innovative app, SelfieBook, now you can give the gift of your life story to the people around you. Best of all, it is easy and simple to do so.

The memories that you have inside your mind can be unlocked and shared with SelfieBook. The innovative guided app makes it a breeze to translate your lived experiences into written words that you can share with your loved ones. Every moment that you choose to share will be cemented in your SelfieBook. There is no better gift to give than the gift of your life.

Why should I write my autobiography?

Every life lived is full of rich memories and experiences and your life is a unique chronicle of every moment you have lived, every breath you have taken and every deed you have done. Only you have walked in your footsteps, but sharing your precious experiences with your children, grandchildren and other loved ones is a gift. It allows them a rare insight into what it truly means and how it feels to be you. They will glean a better understanding of what makes you unique and the bonds that you already share will be strengthened.

Is it difficult to write my personal SelfieBook?

SelfieBooks are designed for simplicity. With SelfieBook’s guided steps, you can unleash amazing memories that you have not thought of in years to weave tales of your life. The app takes you through a series of questions that have been specifically created to make it easy to transform your thoughts into words. Once you have finished your autobiography, you can save it and share it with as many of your loved ones as you wish. This will allow them to relive your experiences through your own personal words, which is a deeply moving and beautiful journey for them.

To start sharing the gift of your life story today, visit SelfieBook.