Every life is fit for the small screen

We all have a notion that autobiographies are meant for famous individuals, including politicians, celebrities and film stars. However, everyone has lived different lives that are fascinating in their own way.

Even if you were born from nothing, you’ve probably lived a life full of adventures and stories that are worth commemorating. That’s why you have to tell your life story.

But why is telling your life story so important?

First, if you don’t tell your life story, who will? Your friends, family or partner could try, but they wouldn’t share intricate details as you would. They can only share details they recall, leaving out essential information.

Second, telling your story is a great way to leave your legacy behind. This way, if you die today and leave nothing, your family will have something to remember you by for years to come. Additionally, you’ll have a souvenir that you can look back at and appreciate the life that you’ve lived.

Lastly, in today’s modern age of technology, sharing your memories has never been easier. You can write an autobiography on your Android or IOS phone by simply downloading the SelfieBook app.

Documenting your legacy

We know writing can be a daunting task. From punctuation and grammar to flow and clarity, cohesively sharing your thoughts can be difficult, but thanks to SelfieBook, writing your autobiography is now easy, simple and seamless.

SelfieBook asks you several interesting questions on various aspects of your life to jog your memory. The app then organises your answers into a book, which you can re-edit as many times as you wish. This means you can easily add or delete information during the writing process.

The beauty of using SelfieBook is that you can add pictures and documents for different stages in your life to create a whole multimedia experience.

Tell your story today

Don’t wait until it’s too late for you to share your story with family and friends. Remember, every life is fit for the small screen.

What are you waiting for? Start creating your SelfieBook today.

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