Write your own history and be remembered

Researching your family tree can be a great way to learn the names of your ancestors and where they lived and died. We might also be able to learn their occupations from census returns and other records. Sometimes, fragments of information will be preserved that give us an insight into their lives.

We’re often left wondering about the details of their lives, the kind of people they were, the things they enjoyed and their achievements. Did they have a hard-working life, did they travel, what kinds of activities were they interested in?

Imagine if at least some of your ancestors had left a more detailed record of their lives. It would give you a real insight into your true ancestry and add some real colour to your family tree. Writing a family history wasn’t perhaps an option for most people in the past, but with technology, it’s now become much easier even if writing doesn’t come particularly easy.

Your own automated biography

SelfieBook now makes it easier for you to write down and share all the details of your life. We may not all be able to write our autobiography, but a simple mobile app allows you to record aspects of your life at your own pace.

Questions can help jog your memory and there’s space to store photos and documents that illustrate and inform events in your life. Over time it creates a rich, fascinating, and easy to access record of all your most important life events.

SelfieBook then takes the details of your life and creates your own automated biography. Imagine in the future someone researching their family tree on a site like Ancestry or My Heritage who has access to a detailed biography of their ancestor’s lives. It’s not only a great way to record the details of your life, but it’s also a gift to the future.

Make a start today. Download the App.

Whether you want to make it easier for your loved ones to remember you or just want to recall the details of your life then SelfieBook can help. It makes it easy to reminisce, record and share all the fascinating details of every life because every life is worth remembering.