Phone your grandparents, and tell them you would like to write their life story.

The story of my life

It sounds difficult, but with Selfiebook, it couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is talk to your grandparents, ask them questions about their lives, and add their answers to the free Selfiebook app. Ask the questions you've always wanted to ask, and hear some unexpected stories on the way.

My memoirs

Help your grandma or grandpa dig out their old photo albums and find photos and images to accompany their Selfiebook. Your grandparents will love reminiscing and introducing you to friends and family captured across the decades.

My autobiography

Selfiebook is a fantastic way for grandparents and grandchildren to bond, share stories, and grow closer. It's also a free, fun way to collate your family's history in one book which will be published for you.

Leave a legacy that lasts with Selfiebook.

What is SelfieBook?

SelfieBook is a brand new website and app for IOS and Android that allows you to turn your memories into a high quality ‘My Autobiography ebook’ SelfieBook. This can be re-edited as many times as you like, allowing you to add more items as you remember them. The finished product is fully publishable and makes the perfect gift for family and friends, not to mention a wonderful souvenir for yourself.

Download the SelfieBook App onto your IOS or Android phone

Why choose SelfieBook?

Many people find that the hardest part of writing their memoirs is organising their thoughts into a cohesive order. SelfieBook solves this problem by asking you questions about every aspect of your life. Some key areas include:

The questions are designed to jog your memory, helping you to capture every high and low, every triumph and failure. You can even add pictures of old photographs and documents for every stage of your life, creating a fully multimedia experience.

Don’t let your achievements be forgotten. Creating a “My Memoirs” or “The Story of My Life” ebook with SelfieBook is the simple and fun way to preserve your legacy. Download the app or sign up today at