How to document your legacy

We are born with no story to tell, but with the beauty of blank pages to fill. As the years roll by, we fill those metaphorical pages with experiences, memorable moments and awesome activities. But what is it all for if, when your time is up, your legacy goes unspoken? What use is making memories that are never remembered?

Who needs your legacy?

When you pass on, your loved ones will mourn your loss and long to celebrate your life. You should document it so that those loved ones have something to reflect on and remember you by. Your partner, children and grandchildren will all benefit from this. So will your friends. Your experiences, lessons learned and wisdom are all wondrous things to leave behind and far better than leaving nothing at all.

How to document your legacy

It’s all very well talking about leaving a legacy, but how do you do it? Fortunately, it’s easy. With SelfieBook, you can use an app on your mobile phone to build your very own book, full of everything you need to tell your life story. Upload photographs, type up stories, leave captions, quotes and quips from a lifetime of memories. It has never been easier to ensure you won’t be forgotten and to make sure the life you have lived means something, even when you are gone.

Things to include

As discussed above, there is plenty you can include to build up the story of your life. Photographs, images and drawings bring a great visual element and will give your loved ones plenty to absorb and enjoy. You should also write about your earliest memories, your experience of growing up, the challenges you faced and overcame, people you met who shaped you, words and quotes that inspired and encouraged you. You could incorporate a family tree or share your memories and stories of other loved ones too, to build a bigger picture of your life and those who were a part of it.

If you would like to ensure you leave the world with your legacy on paper, start creating your SelfieBook today.

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