Give them everything to remember you by

We are living in an era in which more of us than ever before are single without children. That leaves us with greater freedom to follow our dreams than any generation that came before us, but it can also make all of the triumphs, tragedies and achievements of our lives appear to be built on sand and ready to be washed away with us when we die.

That is one reason why we look to social media to chronicle our adventures as they happen, but social media posts are fleeting things and do not really capture all of the joys and sorrows that make up a life.

Create a permanent record

The chances are that you have never even considered writing an autobiography – after all, that is just for the famous, right? But what makes your thoughts, dreams and memories any less important or valuable than theirs?

You will leave people who miss you when you are gone and having a unique online biography that captures all the times you spent together will help them to cope with the loss and ensure they know how you felt about them and your shared experiences.

How to go about it

Telling the story of you, as you live, might seem like a daunting task. SelfieBook is designed to take away all of the difficulty by providing a fully formatted eBook canvas ready for you to paint your life onto.

Living is a complex thing and your perspective on events can change over time as you grow older and more mature. Being able to edit and change your life story as that happens is something no traditional biography could possibly offer, but it is precisely what SelfieBook gives you, meaning the final version is truly the result of a lifetime of wisdom and reflection.

A legacy for your loved ones

All of us leave this world with nothing, regardless of our levels of fame or riches, but the real sadness is in feeling that our thoughts and memories will turn to dust when we do.

SelfieBook will let you set your life down in your own words for free and leave a lasting legacy for those you love. Pay us a visit today and begin telling that tale.

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