Leave more than an impression. Leave a legacy.

There are few greater and more profound joys in life than finding an old box of photos of distant family, friends, and ancestors, and yearning to know more about their life. Where were they born? How did they live? And what did they leave behind? Far too often, we wish we could simply invite them around for a cup of tea and a chat about their history, goals, and hopes for the future.

Someday, the tables will turn and your descendants or lifelong friends will begin to wish they could ask you the very same questions – what do you wish you could tell them? With SelfieBook, you have the chance to write your legacy as you see fit.

Professionally capture your life story

At SelfieBook, we provide the opportunity for you to capture your memories and life story in stunning eBook format, featuring professional formatting tools and easy-to-answer questions to help you fill out the virtual pages with your best moments. Every event you recall and write down is stored in a safe space, accessible years from now by those you want to leave your heritage to.

Add photos to your chapters

We know sometimes pictures speak more words than actual words ever could. That’s why, with SelfieBook, you can upload one photo per chapter, up to your allotted 22 chapters. This means you can pick and choose the photos that best reflect you – of your first move away from home, your first Pride march, or the time you went backpacking around the Andes! The choice is entirely yours, and that’s what makes writing your biography with SelfieBook so special and personal.

Accessible in a range of digital formats

Whether you’d like to document your life on a smartphone or desktop, SelfieBook is equally accessible across a range of digital formats. When you’re happy with your biography and wish to allow others to view it, you can publish it in the popular epub format. Your autobiography is also perfectly adjustable for all screen sizes, meaning that whether you’re viewing it on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can do so with incredible clarity.

Start leaving your legacy today

You can get started writing your autobiography today by signing up with SelfieBook. From there, we’ll get you started with everything you need to build your own bespoke life story. We’ve already helped countless people to write their memoirs and share them with those they love the most!

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